Welcome to Silver Hand!
We’re Erin and Isaac Tarectecan, a husband and wife team creating leather goods out of Denver, Colorado. 
We started this company to combine our trades in a way that allowed us to creatively impact the people and places dearest to us.
We want to build projects + products with a tangible purpose. 
Isaac, the designer and crafter of all the leather goods Silver Hand has to offer, has spent the last three years honing in quality bag design with function and style. 
Erin’s passion is specialty coffee, and although she's the email and paperwork mastermind behind Silver Hand Co., her day job is really slinging coffee as a competitive barista.
Between both sets of skills, Silver Hand Co. has blended coffee and leather in a crazy passion project that spans two countries.
Currently, all bag proceeds are funding a coffee farm project in Baguio City, Philippines. 
We planted four hectares of coffee seedlings in 2017, and our goal is to begin producing specialty coffee out of this region and from our farm by 2020.
Each bag and purchase not only helps to fund the building of the structural components of the farm - the processing facility, buildings, and storage - but provides wages for our workers and farmers. These are people we know personally - friends, family, and rescued victims from Baguio’s human trafficking ring.
When planting the farm, our biggest goal was to create jobs and sustainable income for those tending it.
Thus, proceeds from every bag sold on this site go directly to paying our farmers and helping the farm grow.
Coffee and leather are very different businesses that we've brought together uniquely to share one common goal.
We believe our trades are more than just interests, passions or hobbies, but can have a huge impact on the world around us.
Silver Hand is not reliant on donations, but rather uses our everyday skills and passions to build a business focused on quality and worldwide impact.
We’re excited to have you on this journey with us! To learn more about the heart behind the coffee farm and to get involved, check out our Journal page. 
We're so stoked you're here!