Soon, There Will Be Coffee

Like any proud parent, it is impossible for me (Erin here!) not to show you a photo of our coffee seedling's first flower buds. 

I woke up yesterday to a photo from the Philippines, taken by a cousin named John. He and his brothers are the ones tending the freshly-planted coffee farm in Baguio City. They are Isaac's cousins - hard workers, and extremely wonderful people. 

While we are over here in Colorado opening up our new storefront, John and his brothers are tending to the plants. When we put the seedlings in the ground in June, they were a year and a half old. After a rainy summer season in Baguio the plants have begun to show buds for the very first time. 



We will return this summer to continue expanding the farm, planting more young seedlings on an additional plot of land. On our last visit, we wrote letters of request to the mayor himself, asking for heritage land to be restored. Three months later, and to our surprise, the city government had honored our request and returned a very large parcel of land to the family. It is on this land that we will continue to plant - up to our knees again in chicken poop fertilizer. 

Soon, there will be coffee! With the new land granted to us, we have a plot on which to start building our processing facility. We'll have details soon! In the meanwhile, the tiny plants are bursting into their very first blossoms. 

For any nerds out there who may be curious, we're growing a varietal called Red Bourbon. It's a fairly low-yielding coffee varietal, but is an extremely pleasant coffee to drink. It is so named after the island on which it was first cultivated, Bourbon, and is a natural mutation. It's also a commonly bred varietal, and is a parent to a bunch of other coffees like Caturra and Mundo Novo. 

I'll dedicate another post entirely on nerd-isms as we get into building our processing facility - but sufficient to say, I'm thrilled to one day share a cuppa and tell you all about it. 


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