Meet The Team: Jodie Stone

Meet our team!

Today we're featuring Jodie Stone, who's in charge of Silver Hand's public relations. She's an excellent coordinator, an extreme extrovert, a coffee professional (manager of Amethyst Lakeside in Denver) and a Dungeons and Dragons fanatic. 

If we're being honest, we'd be nowhere without her people skills and outgoing nature. Meet Jodie!

Jodie Stone / Public Relations / Coffee Pro


Alright, what inspires you?
People. This may sound like the most generic and broad response but I can’t narrow it down. Everyday people fascinate me, inspire me, and leave me in awe of this crazy, scary, fun, wild world that we are stuck with each other on. 
The real question: what are you currently watching on Netflix? 
You mean what do I fall asleep during the first 5 minutes of? Re-watching Friends. 
Last book you read? 
The last book I read was Saga Volume 6.
Best place you've ever travelled? 
Well, the question is next to impossible to answer. But I guess I would have to say Ghana, Spain, Switzerland, Sicily, Sweden, and obviously the Philippines. Sorry, I can’t narrow it down. 
What do you do in your free time? 
In my free time I’m usually always with people. With people I really enjoy hiking, camping, eating good food, dancing, having deep conversations about the meaning of life... and now I feel like I’m making a dating profile so I’m gonna stop there.
Favorite bar/coffee shop/restaurant in Denver? 
The following things I answer are based on memories not necessarily the actual place.
My favorite coffee shop in Denver is (obviously) Amethyst, it was my home away from home away from home when I first moved to Denver.
Favorite bar is Lakeview Lounge. I like dive the bars, the people you meet in those places, and the conversations you have!
Favorite restaurant is Cart Driver after 10pm. I have way too many fun memories of being drunk, eating pizza and sardines with friends. 
Favorite coffee origin?
Instead of origin I am going to say my favorite roaster because once again, I can’t narrow it down. My favorite coffees I’ve had have been from Sweet Bloom and Proud Mary.
Favorite brew method? 
I don’t care how you brew it, just brew it good.
Preferred cocktail? 
Negroni or Naked & Famous.
Favorite leather product to make? 

I don’t make it... I wear it, carry it, rep it. 

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