Custom Project Feature: Poul Hundevad Guldhøj 1957

We hinted at a custom project a couple of weeks ago that really made our hearts sing. And now, here it is - a finished project. 

It's a stool with both heritage and timeless design.

In 1891 an ancient Nordic folding chair was found in a burial mound in Vamdrup, Denmark. It's called the Guldhøj chair, meaning 'Gold Hill' and is one of the oldest and most well-preserved pieces of furniture to have ever been found, dating back to the Scandinavian Bronze Age (1400 BC). 

In the fifties, a designer named Poul Hundevad, also from Vamdrup, decided to reinvent it for the modern age, taking precise measurements and streamlining his design for midcentury production. The resulting folded stools were an instant success.

Enter our new friend John, who walked into our shop some 60 years after Poul's design, looking for someone to repair his antique Guldhøj.

Needless to say, we were kind of honored. Take a look! 

The Original:

Courtesy of the Denmark National Museum


Courtesy of John



We replaced the wooden dowels holding the leather in place, matched the color to its original intention and cleaned up the legs. The old swatch of leather we reconditioned, saved what was still useable and made John some smaller items as a memento. 

What do you think? Leave your comments! 

For more info on the Guldhøj burial site, design, and its modern-day implications (aka, if you're a historical design nerd like we are) you can check out this site. 

And, as always, send us your custom projects! We love 'em.

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