Custom Project Feature: Polaroid SLR680 Case

Okay. I get it. You're probably thinking, "What a bunch of hipsters, making Polaroid bags out of leather." 

And you're right. Fair enough. It is a little hipster. 


This bag started as a custom project for ourselves. Every once in a while, creating something impractical just for the sake of enjoying the craft is necessary. Its re-inspiring. 

We have an old Polaroid, the kind that folds flat, technically known as a Polaroid SLR680. For our most recent trip to the Philippines, we decided to bring it along with us to aid in our documentation of the experience. 

(As any good scientist or researcher will tell you, it's important to document, document, document! And we're a little old school, Polaroids are just really fun.)

But, lo and behold, once we posted it to our Instagram - you guys loved it! We've made a few in the past weeks. Check it out!  



So what do you think? Something we should add to our lineup? Let us know in the comments! 

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