Collab Feature: Death & Co. Denver

If you were to walk right out of our shop doors, turn left, and walk six blocks to the west, you'd run right into RiNo's coolest new kids on the block: Death & Co Denver in The Ramble Hotel

This hotel is home to Death & Co.'s new outpost. If you haven't heard of them (or how they wrote the book on modern classic cocktails) then allow us to elaborate. 

Death & Co is one of the country's premier cocktail bars, leading the craft cocktail movement for the last decade. Their bartenders are industry leaders, and their approach is impeccable.

Their second location is now just down the street from us, nestled seamlessly into the Ramble Hotel's French salon-inspired lobby. 

We stopped in for coffee... and then a drink...

... and waited to receive the bill. 

We were fortunate to collaborate with the owners and designers to come up with a modern classic check presenter that suits this beautiful space. Stop in for a drink sometime! We guarantee no matter the damage, the reception of your bill will at least be quite elegant. 

This isn't the only spirit-forward establishment we've been working with lately. Keep your eyes peeled for another feature coming soon! 

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